The struggle

When I say you do not know the struggle, I mean I lived it, and have first account of what it is. It is a system setup for people to lose their life. Their livlihood, family and hope. There is no kindness, just animalistic treatment. I have provided videos and pictures showing proof of being arrested and put in handcuffs. The system is a racist, ranking system where they let the animals take charge on the civilized.

Someone stole the hope I created while in the struggle. When I say the only one who deserves that production is me, I mean it. You cannot present a package saying you are selling a product of the struggle, when you have not lived it. You cannot get out of it because every single opportunity made available to you is an automatic NO at the end of the day.

You are left with no other alternatives .

This is the system created for people to fail. It is a system of rejection. I created hope in projects that were produced while I experienced this struggle, to help others prosper out of the struggle.

This video explains the loss of the American Dream, and how the concept of the American Dream applies to the immigrant who just arrived here from overseas or the foreigner who lived in a third world country (dumpsters) in the past but now owns a home, a branch off the American Dream.

Just like the spiritual awakening is the scientific method applied for life, the struggle is an observation of the cause and effect with life. It us science performed on a grouped selection of people.

Ephiphany: I proved it to you Jesus.

The American Dream is not for the American anymore.

The American Dream

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