Dali and you should read this…

So not too long ago I wrote a post here Thoughts On Dali Vid Attack (Enemy) about my experience at the Dali museum.

I traveles to Florida, visited the museum and was assualted, lied on and kicked out. Yes, a shocker, I know. I was able to take a few pictures for you all.

But, on my blog I explain to you, salvation and freedom, getting out of the illusion, this hell. I love art! I love how we can deliver the truth to you through art.

Dali was a messenger for God, a prophet, a vessel. I need you all to take a look at this book because I am not happy right now, but there is a message here.

1. Go purchase this book:

Christopher: Christ “Master”

2. Turn the pages, and read the pictures like a story, from one picture to the next.


Ill show you a few things


The navy and prostitution with hispanic women in this stage. They say, oh its the army. “Venus and Sailor”…Venus is a Goddess, a brainwashed goddess used for sex, so that our Navy hero can hero can get out of hell. Looks like we are puppets huh?

5. I am not this women, even though you have tried to make me this woman for your mission christopher columbus. Oh, let me explain reader. Everytime I travel to a new place, they shout at me to look out the window. I didnt understand what they meant until i came upon this:

Take a look at that boat,someone is sailing, at sea and she is all alone. “Figure at the window”
“Seated girl seen from the back”

And take a look above at Ana Maria, or is it Mary, as in Mother Mary. Hey, my middle name is Marie. Anyhow, I have been living a fake like for almost my entire life. I have been alone. But back to this photo above.

Fact: You cannot see her face

You cannot see my face

Fact: she is looking at empty buildings and is alone

That has been my life for a very long time

5. She is crucified here

Figure in the rocks

Have a shown you my dead body? Ok, I will just show you my head:

That day, something attacked my mind. Do you see the deathly pallor?

How many women????

6. Who is telling you to masturbate? A beast.

Check out that demon heart

7. Where am I? Jesus and Mary are invisible.

The invisible man
Time for a new place to live? Rebirth…
Mary Invisible

Then it is the last supper and christopher columber and a few other paintings 🙄😒🥺

They really think I am Mary. I am not. But that is why they kicked me out of the Dali Museum, they do not want me to know. This entire fishing process-exclude me, because I was not born to be without family and people. I am not an animal, and I don’t need flying animals in me or near me, especially whem

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