How Many Animals

Hi everyone. It has been a long time (or at least it seems that way) since I have made a post. I have yet to update my page to get rid of the bad news, but, I’d also like to tell you recent events that have occured, good and bad.

The bad- Since I wrote down here, who the lizards were that were sexually assualting me and stalking me, life has become more interesting. Just today, i heard them say they arent setting her free until she is ran through.

Have you ever heard of a Lizard Pope? So, one of my lizard stalkers contacted his animal boss. So, the lizard people actually have a pope that they anwser to.

Take a looksie pooh:

Thank you Pinterest!

And take a look!

His wings are spread wide open! Soar you lizard thang you! Now before you say, oh, she is blessed, I really need for you to take a closer look :

It is 2 of them, the light is one head, the round green is another head
And That is a face, which makes 3 so far

Take a look at the reptile face here:


Ok, I meant wait, brb…

And I am back. Now, if you take a closer look, you will male out his face. He metamorphisizes from a lizard, to a smiling piece of shit! Oh, he has no problem, flying into my head, my eyes, trying to make me retarded, yet AGAIN!, and having sex with me, as well as showing me visions of blood between my legs, and hauntings of my family crying. Yes, same old crap but worse:

And yesterday, one of them had the nerve to quote a hopponnoppo verse to me. Please excuse the mispell.

Yeah, ok.

I purchased a shirt from Forever 21 a few days ago,it was similar to this one:

What stuck out? I had noticed that the faces within the green mist are similar to the face here. Demons? Just what the HELL are they?

Did you know that if you look underneath the Forever21 bag, you would find this:

Thank you Jesus! Does anyone know how to kill a reptile? And no, I am not going back to Florida.

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