A final post (Repost)…

I wrote here not too long ago about how a neighbor across the street from me, approached me one day, and spoke to me more than once about how my family moved out of our house, and that I was alone, by myself. My hairdresser asked me where my children were, as if too say I was raising the fakes.

The police also told me that my kids were living seperate lives away from me in the same house.

I had filed a police report on the neighbors across the street, but it became a running joke, me, by myself, raising fake people.

Today, I was at the store and the neighbor across the street was behind me.

This is a joke for people. I guess it was funny when my things were stolen from me as well.

I should file another police report or get some kind of restraining order.

So now, after all of this, I am told it is my imagination and need to be on medication.

So here it goes:

I graduated from college and someone was hired to kill me. My kids, family and self, was attacked by something paranormal in our house.

Home was foreclosed, car and engagement ring was sold, but according to the poor excuse of human beings mentioned above, my family was not real anyway. But I was told it was the army who attacked us.

I was forced out of two family members homes, one accused me of being a prostitute after i offered to help her clean her home, another kicked me out after inviting me to her home after a flight from CT to TN, then an Uncle kicked me out of his home, after shoving me against a wall and chastizing me for eating clean food.

He said,”You got life fucked up”

Ok, so then, I head back up to CT, have a spiritual awakening, my life has changed for the better, I write three wonderful books and have all these great promises thrown my way, I leave, someone stalks me and steals


But, I never once said Jesus was fake, because, I saw him, spoke to him, and I know he is real.

So, after my attempts to find my “real family” because according to the people above, I have been living with fake people, I come up short. Someone has their sscards and birth certificates out there somewhere. Someone has my passport and flashdrives, books, clothes, laptop, and photos of family. I guess, real family.

So I travel around the USA and find quite a few troubling things. Before I get into that, I would like to tell you a few things.

I have been harassed, stalked, assaulted. I have been arrested more than once on false claims. My head was slammed on a table in a prison cell, I suffered a concussion the next day per the nurse at the hospital. I could not remember things the next day. I was also arrested for sleeping at a casino when I had nowhere to sleep. I was put in handcuffs for 3 to 4 hours. I was put in handcuffs for crossing the street on a no walking signal after pushing luggage across the street, with nowhere to go after applying to over 5000 jobs with 2 college degrees. But I was told there is a harvest.

I found:

The American Dream Is Gone

The United States of America is segregated like we are in the pre-civil war era, and people are bullied when traveling. The police, it had to be the police, left a pocket knife, and cleaver knife for me on two separate occasions in the different states to see if I would use them when entering a new state, just to set me up, see who this new comer is.

The USA is putting people born here, in a NAZI ERA. The USA is treating people as if we are in a civil war among states because every single state I visited is on the same bullshit, just different heights of passion. Scared, stupid, and stalking. How passionate do you want to be with investigating him or her? That is after you ransacked this travelers belongings.

I was born here, and I am treated like an outsider to people. I was born here and I am on foodstamps, and receive 385.00 in Unemployment from working as a parttime school teacher with two college degress. My hope is gone. These days I am listening to Egyptian priests because praising Jesus got me here, and THE USA DOESNT REALLY KNOW JESUS ANY FUCKING WAY, and although he is real he cannot hear me because I have bad spirits, THE ONES THAT THE USA REALLY PRAISES, around me kicking me out of my spiritual body.

And wait…I need to be on medication, after being forced to sleep outside, at times I had no food, I had to throw away clothes I just purchased. But now, drumroll, duh duh dun dun……

The government has a packacked future set up for me to be on meds. (That means my promising future given to me by Jesus was stolen and traded for this? No way…)

And today, if June 8, it is my anniversary. I met my children’s father when I was 14 years old on this very day! But, supposedly, he committed suicide long ago and instead I was lied to all these years and lived with a stranger named Hiram Rivera. Bruce Padilla. Thank you Vanessa Zapata, Ruth Torres, Marco Villafane, Sothea Dos and Cherita Parker for setting me up with these men. Thank you for that! But they looked very much like David. Just how the fuck??!! Go figure!

I have decided to just sit on my ass and waste space because that is what America wants me to do. And if I get any ideas, treat me as an animal. Literally. Bang my head on the wall, handcuff me and tell me I did something wrong for doing everything right (per the consitution).


And that statment is not treason as you like to call it you old fucking man.

Hey Trump, remember when you corrected that man for pronouncing your wife’s name wrong. You told him it was Melania, not Melania. How do I know that?


Am I Mary land Monroe today? Marilyn Monroe, the soul you keep summoning to fuck, but that goes for another post I guess 😒

Where I am sitting, something literally just turned the lights off, and I heard a white man in another room, laugh. He said, turn the lights back on.

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