Sighting of Dark Lords…

Two days ago, an old white man with a black hood on was speaking trance language in an underworld or dark room with other men around

Just lastnight I saw something ugly in my bedroom. Its head is shaped this way, and I heard a white boy say make her read the bible. My thoughts here, as I keep doing the eight spiritual work to get to the right subconscious is that, I am not reading the bible to get these men and aliens out of hell:

Round head with triangular shapes on top. It put something on my back and nose. And there is a portal in my bedroom and he keeps traveling in and out of hell. This thing is an alien and uses the guise as a white blonde haired blue eyed man. This one is in trouble and is being judged. Oh yeah,he tells people he is viking, and people think he is Jesus. He kept saying that I don’t want to go home. He is home and they have tried to use rituals to sacrifice me more than once

The one with the black hood, he was cutting grass next door, yesterday. If he is a shadow, he is a witch. That means whereever I am upstairs, i am seeing the faces of my enemies where I am upstairs.

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