I’m lying in bed here…

Let’s see, how many men and lizards fucked me this morning.

Well, see what they do, is put sonething on my genital area so I cannot feel it but even RIGHT NOW, someone, with a condom on, is fucking me. “Rape her until she dies”.

Two College Degrees, American born. This is the American Dream they have for me.


They are putting me in different times and are fucking me. One of them is named Marcus. He is bald with big lips and is raping me. They are all friends and work for the NAVY. And they keep killing the people investigating them. Oh wait, you wanted me to write incestigating, as if to say incest in code.

You got it confused sailor where you think I am Venus or the hispanic prostitute. I was made to be Maria by an asshole above and the sailirs got it fucked up because they worshipped satan too much. So, they decided to fuck the creators wife instead. That is the real story God. Because SATAN and a few ANGELS are hiding things from you.

And that book I am referencing is right below. I am not a bed warmer for your mission you psychotic asshole. Danielle started a Holy War. And please stop bragging about the fact that you killed people and made them demons.

Dali and you should read this…

And Mariyln Monroe thanked me this morning. They have been using her for years.

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