I was watching a documentary on Jesus lastnight, and something came into my vision and reminded me of all the times he came to me to seek Jesus out. He showed me the dead sea scrub I was going to purchase, which should have been a reminder that, the dead sea scrolls founded were a major moment. So I am listening to who is showing me these findings, while trying to focus REALLY HARD ON THE TV SCREEN.

Who is talking to me. It could be Jesus, could be an Angel, A lizard, Lucifer, could be anything these days, at this stage. I felt like it was a, well, you cannot blame me for not caring because look, I am showing you all the times I reached out to you, and you didn’t get it, and you didn’t do your research on me. He showed me the time I was, in either Utah, or Arizona, and I wanted to visit the Montezuma castle, because I remember 3 to 4 years prior to that moment, I heard a “homeless” man out of nowhere in vision, keep repeating, MONTEZUMA really loud. But, lastnight, I qatched the documentary and realized the castle looked alot like the homes in Jerusalem where Jesus grew up. Something in me really needed to get there.

He kept showing me these things, and all the while I hear men and a few family members screaming come on, she doesn’t care, I hate her.

And I thought to myself, and told him, ok, so, it was acknowledged that they are using magic on me to take my will and mind so that I cannot do what I want, and remember anything. I showed you all in proof through postings. Bondage.

Next, I met Jesus. Jesus is extremly gentle and kind. He is very big in sight, was wearing white, in a white mist, in the clouds, and he told me who he use to be and showed me who he is now.

Next…okay, so maybe I should just leave this right here and add more proof later, to show a backing to add to my frustrations of why I am being ‘disrespectful’, because, I have a long list but Jesus is good so I will leave it here for now…

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