There are a few things I remember. When I was in Wyoming, I had a vision of my daughter. Not my dog, but my daughter. This was right near Christmas time. I wrote about how I had a vision of her in a Kingdom, and that she was watching me, except she did not have eyeballs.

And the Army, some kind of paranormal army shut me out and said don’t let her in. Then I was told what I saw was sin.

Afterwards, I overheard a woman by the name of Liz? In the army, speaking to a man. She was laughing, amd she said I call her sleepy, her sister dopey, etc.

But the dumb, ignorant, arrogance in her voice, it alerted me because she spoke as if she had authority over my family. And the way she joked around was an imsight on her intelligence. She is stupid. Perhaps a monster, but yet, stupid.

When I was arrested at the casino for nodding off on a machine (I had nowhere to go), I sat in a small room with handcuffs on, and watch a tall black man come in and turn on the MIB song from the Will Smith movie, and watched the security kiss his ass as this man walked around and talked as if he was the owner of the casino and everyone there. Something inside me told me it was satan. But, I just looked on and watched hin act as if I were an alien and he was will smith while I lost circulation in my hands.

For the past few days, I overheard the both of them (Liz and this man) talking. I heard her say that everytime my grandmother is contacted, she makes people beleive that my grandmother calls me a whore and hates me. I heard him say he wants in, and alao that my family, all of us are brainwashed by them.

The ephiphany here, is that if this is true, these people work for some department in the government, and they think that they have authority over people because of the position they hold in the government. The goveenment has them thinking they are important enough to do whatever you want 🙄 when you all answer to a boss. You have a leash around your neck too. That is ‘too’ as in also.

They are arrogant and stupid. It is really both negative traits in them, they are really arrogant and stupid. Whatever department they work for, has them thinking that they are untouchable and have all power over people, when they do not.

And I know this man does not work for the casino because the security acted as if they did not know him and said they didn’t when I asked them who he was.

Once again, thanks for your help president 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕.

The president, for now on you people are the guy who just keeps appearing on television for whatever strange reason idk.

Or, should I be Marilyn Monroe as say in a baby voice, “Mr. President”

Did you summon her spirit today to have sex with her again?


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