Well, the date on my phone says 6/11, I filed my taxes on 4/14, and I am reaching almost 2 WHOLE months without my refund.

I guess my money slipped through the cracks just like my life too??? That means, as in, also??? 🖕

I am retarded, per the lizard pope, everytime I don’t listen, they say, I need to be on medication because I am not equipped for my job. I do not respond to you, because you are a fucking joke. I beleive in Jesus, not your crawling on fours ugly ass. And Jesus, forgive me if they are your friends, but, they have saggy skin, they are stupid, and I am better than them.

And I say to myself, you are a fucking animal who belongs in the swamps or bayou somewhere in like, Florida or New Orleans. Both states are infested with you, lizard. Whomever is famous who hired you, needs to get you a leash, and walk your fucking ass down the plank.

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