Nazi,Hitler reference


Mold, leave home

Run-in with witch at Dollartree

Ask me for directions

Use your pointer finger like you are a travel guide

Look at empty houses for Sale

Next? Put a knife somewhere for me to stumble upon, or make me appear like an angry black woman? Stay tuned…

Ok, so NEXXXXT, SOMEONE, is going to steal something from me. How do I know? I just heard, take her phone. Because I am satan and they are Jesus. Right.

He just complimented me, and called me beautiful. So, that is another step. They say, oh, you have nice hair, or oh, you are beautiful to call me satan. And everyone, Imean EVERYONE, SMILES, in your face and is being fake and phony. What is funny, with this part, is that, I just quickly turned and saw hin, giving me the dirtiest look before screaming, you are beautiful!!!

Next, it is someone putting me down. I am sphitzophrenic, retarded, bipolar, stupid, any fucking thing, to make me feel less of a person because the other is better. And the person telling you these things, is a liar, will lie right in your face. I was just insulted 3 times by a loved one who would never say such things to me. It does not matter who it is. And I see ghosts and monsters and that runs in the family, and I am not and habe not ever been diagnosed shitzophrenic . I was told this by a spirit on a person. Let me explain. I talk to a person, that person is all nice and sincere, and then, out of nowhere, that person is completely fucking evil.

Next, its time to brainwash you and shove a phone into your face, and watch police brutality videos!!! So that, you can experience police brutality in some way!

And, A Beyonce, just popped upon my phone.

This process, is what I have experienced, EVERYWHERE I TRAVELED IN THE USA. Which is why, I am writing this, because,all of the states are segregated.

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