Notes-Another update

Nazi,Hitler reference- you are putting people in the NAZI ERA. FORCING THEM TO WATCH HITLER MOVIES IN PUBLIC PLACES. KKK references. Flags on trucks.

Popeyes- Tomorrow, I am going to post a picture here if I find it. I stayed at a hotel in Florida, and the had a Popeyes can and the counter in the bar. Popeye is a tall white man, about 6-7 feet tall, who chops your head off. Well, one of them. In Florida, I went to the lobby, and came upon the Popeye can. Unhidden messages.

Mold, leave home

Run-in with witch at Dollartree

Ask me for directions

Use your pointer finger like you are a travel guide

Look at empty houses for Sale

Next? Put a knife somewhere for me to stumble upon, or make me appear like an angry black woman? Stay tuned…

Ok, so NEXXXXT, SOMEONE, is going to steal something from me. How do I know? I just heard, take her phone. Because I am satan and they are Jesus. Right.

He just complimented me, and called me beautiful. So, that is another step. They say, oh, you have nice hair, or oh, you are beautiful to call me satan. And everyone, Imean EVERYONE, SMILES, in your face and is being fake and phony. What is funny, with this part, is that, I just quickly turned and saw hin, giving me the dirtiest look before screaming, you are beautiful!!!

Next, it is someone putting me down. I am sphitzophrenic, retarded, bipolar, stupid, any fucking thing, to make me feel less of a person because the other is better. And the person telling you these things, is a liar, will lie right in your face. I was just insulted 3 times by a loved one who would never say such things to me. It does not matter who it is. And I see ghosts and monsters and that runs in the family, and I am not and habe not ever been diagnosed shitzophrenic . I was told this by a spirit on a person. Let me explain. I talk to a person, that person is all nice and sincere, and then, out of nowhere, that person is completely fucking evil.

Next, its time to brainwash you and shove a phone into your face, and watch police brutality videos!!! So that, you can experience police brutality in some way!

And, a Beyonce, just popped up on my phone.

This process, is what I have experienced, EVERYWHERE I TRAVELED IN THE USA. Which is why, I am writing this, because, all of the states are segregated and this is what the country, the USA, has succumbed too. Most of the states, are ran this way. The people are all hiding in their corners, fucking with traveler and newcomers. Pre-Civil War Era

War Between States- COVID BULLSHIT

Hey…Do you have a taste for beans?

Soft Construction with boiled beans: Premonition of Civil War

Some PEOPLE, are wearing RED AND BLACK ONLY.

Next, here we go, someone references a camera, security camera, or something of that nature, to say that YOU are a thief, and that they are watching you. He says, hey, look at that camera up there! And that person, asks you to watch him, like, make sure I park this car properly, LIKE, JUST STAND THERE, AND ACT LIKE YOU ARE A FUCKING CAMERA. When you refuse to stand and act like a camera for this piece of shit, he insults you too. He calls you a name like you are a gangter, he calls you a name like roughneck, nucklehead, anything of that nature, to put you out of character

2 college degrees, born in the USA, a mom, treated like an immigrant

So, within the past hour, all these events have occurred

And they are waiting for me to hang myself. The people who live here, hiding in the corners of the neighborhood, they are lirerally waiting, ao that the doctors cam come out next. What a fucked up system.

Hey, do you think I can have my money and see my family now??? No? Ok.

Ok. I was given a phone to use, and, was told the person needs to use a different watch. So that means, it is time to change the clocks on me, so I can be all fucked up, on a different schedule, arriving at places late, to live a fake life and be toyed with to appear irresponsible. SO, THE TIME, THE CLOCKS JUST MIGHT BE SWITCH. DO YOU GET IT? BECAUSE, IT IS A MOVEMENT, TO ENTRAP PEOPLE, SET THEM UP, GIVE THEM FALSE VISIONS AND SAY THEY ARE SICK WHEN YOU FUCKED UP PEOPLE ARE TEAMING TOGETHER TO FUCK PEOPLES LIVES UP FOR MONEY

Clocks with the wrong times

And they are your doctors, your lawyers, your grocer, your police officer. It is a system created just for you.

Now, I was already at the grocery store, and was told the food was for free and not to pay for it, (a ghost, or them), so that they can set me up and make me look like a thief. Robinhood.


“I will like to give you an example. I was in Utah, walking in a neighborhood. I noticed, that one house in particular, had a tree in front of it, with small chairs nailed to the tree. A door to the house was open, and I saw an older woman sitting in the house, so I politely said excuse me a few times before she looked up and came to talk to me.

I told this woman I admired the tree (my artsy self) and asked where did you get the concept to nail chairs to a tree?

She said oh, I just had too many chairs.

Then, she tried to play the fuck out of me, by attempting to switch the roles. She said, oh yeah, and sometimes I walk around looking at peoples homes.

That is what they do, accuse you, and act like you.

I said, yeah, and sometimes, I nail chairs to a tree and act like other people (paraphrasing)

So, the people living in different states, hide out, and are acting, out of fear and greed.”

The TELLY (Hotel)

Something in me wants me to go to the hotel. Here is where it gets scary for you, because you cannot see them, but they live in the neighborhood, and are in hotel rooms, watching you have sex, undress. They fuck with you and fuck you, run a train on you. Its a free for all ANNNNNNNNNND, YOU ARE A FUCKING PROSTITUTE. So now, they put you out of character again!

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