Toodles, and suing me

If you want to sue me, Toodles is one one doing this to me. He has ruined the last 10 years of my life. He is an alien dog being controlled by either the navy, todd himself, or jerry. When i was in florida keys, a white man removed this thing off of me, and told it what to do, and he was a cop. They are forcing me to write this stuff, and was hired to meddle into my mind, kill people and people miserable and ruin lives because they are fat, bald, and ugly 😊 and, are apart of the order, the Nazi, Hitler order.they put it inside my head, and are trying to force me to do things, i do not want to do. Like get my nail and hair done. Go eat. To say that i am a prototype and thats all i am good for.

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