What I want to say

Here is what I want to say. I was going to cross sides when I had my spiritual awakening. During my spiritual awakening, I kept getting attacks. As I was in the process of crossing over, others were dying. These others are demon look alikes of people who have stolen from me, and crossed over after acting like me to pass through a portal.

They are demons.

They almost died ans they kept screaming hey, you guys got it all wrong, she is the bad guy.

They are acting like me, playing me, the good guy. If I switch sides I change and they get judged for the wrongs they have done. I keep repeating just because you saved a life, it means nothong when you ruined a promising future, and the 10 years of my childrens lives that they cannot get back.

You deserve to be judged appropriately, and you do not belong here on Earth. So when you die, your other half will have to come back and go to work.

I am sincerely, a nice person.

Now, they are trying to make me a beast, and the only way to do that is by making me appear evil, when that is not me at all. When you cross over, it is the flipside of a coin.

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