In regards to this post Yes, you read my mind, either you know that I want to leave the country, or you are investigating the girl hired who lives in the UK. The red head trouble maker who worhips little wayne, mariah carey trump and other idols.

You’re never going to believe this. Her name is Danielle Radford, just like mine! She has a facebook page and she is one of them. There are two redheads,this one is white, taller and supposedly works for satan.

Her husband is blonde.

-TJ maxx in Hamden CT. You were with another white female, you came and stood in front of me as i shopped for clothes. You stood directly adjacent.

-In Front of the church by Wooster St New Haven CT. You were walking with a Army coat on, long sleeve.

You are friends with Todd, and your husband plays him, and supposedly, you both served in the army together. You stalked me and so did he for you stupid Christopher Columbus Mission.

And you both have sex with other peoples souls, including young teens. You are both sick and I wrote about you both long ago because you act like the couple in the movie

Natural Born Killers.

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