Notes-Another update

Nazi,Hitler reference- you are putting people in the NAZI ERA. FORCING THEM TO WATCH HITLER MOVIES IN PUBLIC PLACES. KKK references. Flags on trucks.

Popeyes- Tomorrow, I am going to post a picture here if I find it. I stayed at a hotel in Florida, and the had a Popeyes can and the counter in the bar. Popeye is a tall white man, about 6-7 feet tall, who chops your head off. Well, one of them. In Florida, I went to the lobby, and came upon the Popeye can. Unhidden messages.

Mold, leave home

Run-in with witch at Dollartree

Ask me for directions

Use your pointer finger like you are a travel guide

Look at empty houses for Sale

Next? Put a knife somewhere for me to stumble upon, or make me appear like an angry black woman? Stay tuned…

Ok, so NEXXXXT, SOMEONE, is going to steal something from me. How do I know? I just heard, take her phone. Because I am satan and they are Jesus. Right.

He just complimented me, and called me beautiful. So, that is another step. They say, oh, you have nice hair, or oh, you are beautiful to call me satan. And everyone, Imean EVERYONE, SMILES, in your face and is being fake and phony. What is funny, with this part, is that, I just quickly turned and saw hin, giving me the dirtiest look before screaming, you are beautiful!!!

Next, it is someone putting me down. I am sphitzophrenic, retarded, bipolar, stupid, any fucking thing, to make me feel less of a person because the other is better. And the person telling you these things, is a liar, will lie right in your face. I was just insulted 3 times by a loved one who would never say such things to me. It does not matter who it is. And I see ghosts and monsters and that runs in the family, and I am not and habe not ever been diagnosed shitzophrenic . I was told this by a spirit on a person. Let me explain. I talk to a person, that person is all nice and sincere, and then, out of nowhere, that person is completely fucking evil.

Next, its time to brainwash you and shove a phone into your face, and watch police brutality videos!!! So that, you can experience police brutality in some way!

And, a Beyonce, just popped up on my phone.

This process, is what I have experienced, EVERYWHERE I TRAVELED IN THE USA. Which is why, I am writing this, because, all of the states are segregated and this is what the country, the USA, has succumbed too. Most of the states, are ran this way. The people are all hiding in their corners, fucking with traveler and newcomers. Pre-Civil War Era

War Between States- COVID BULLSHIT

Hey…Do you have a taste for beans?

Soft Construction with boiled beans: Premonition of Civil War

Some PEOPLE, are wearing RED AND BLACK ONLY.

Next, here we go, someone references a camera, security camera, or something of that nature, to say that YOU are a thief, and that they are watching you. He says, hey, look at that camera up there! And that person, asks you to watch him, like, make sure I park this car properly, LIKE, JUST STAND THERE, AND ACT LIKE YOU ARE A FUCKING CAMERA. When you refuse to stand and act like a camera for this piece of shit, he insults you too. He calls you a name like you are a gangter, he calls you a name like roughneck, nucklehead, anything of that nature, to put you out of character

2 college degrees, born in the USA, a mom, treated like an immigrant

So, within the past hour, all these events have occurred

And they are waiting for me to hang myself. The people who live here, hiding in the corners of the neighborhood, they are lirerally waiting, ao that the doctors cam come out next. What a fucked up system.

Hey, do you think I can have my money and see my family now??? No? Ok.

Ok. I was given a phone to use, and, was told the person needs to use a different watch. So that means, it is time to change the clocks on me, so I can be all fucked up, on a different schedule, arriving at places late, to live a fake life and be toyed with to appear irresponsible. SO, THE TIME, THE CLOCKS JUST MIGHT BE SWITCH. DO YOU GET IT? BECAUSE, IT IS A MOVEMENT, TO ENTRAP PEOPLE, SET THEM UP, GIVE THEM FALSE VISIONS AND SAY THEY ARE SICK WHEN YOU FUCKED UP PEOPLE ARE TEAMING TOGETHER TO FUCK PEOPLES LIVES UP FOR MONEY

Clocks with the wrong times

And they are your doctors, your lawyers, your grocer, your police officer. It is a system created just for you.

Now, I was already at the grocery store, and was told the food was for free and not to pay for it, (a ghost, or them), so that they can set me up and make me look like a thief. Robinhood.


“I will like to give you an example. I was in Utah, walking in a neighborhood. I noticed, that one house in particular, had a tree in front of it, with small chairs nailed to the tree. A door to the house was open, and I saw an older woman sitting in the house, so I politely said excuse me a few times before she looked up and came to talk to me.

I told this woman I admired the tree (my artsy self) and asked where did you get the concept to nail chairs to a tree?

She said oh, I just had too many chairs.

Then, she tried to play the fuck out of me, by attempting to switch the roles. She said, oh yeah, and sometimes I walk around looking at peoples homes.

That is what they do, accuse you, and act like you.

I said, yeah, and sometimes, I nail chairs to a tree and act like other people (paraphrasing)

So, the people living in different states, hide out, and are acting, out of fear and greed.”

The TELLY (Hotel)

Something in me wants me to go to the hotel. Here is where it gets scary for you, because you cannot see them, but they live in the neighborhood, and are in hotel rooms, watching you have sex, undress. They fuck with you and fuck you, run a train on you. Its a free for all ANNNNNNNNNND, YOU ARE A FUCKING PROSTITUTE. So now, they put you out of character again!

Next, the person acs as a narcissist, speaks to you in a threatening tone, like you are below him. Did you remove my charger of the  watch? Huh? Did you? I am going to stand over you, while you are sleeping, wait for you to wake up, to ask you this question. This person, is playing Hilter. I

During his entire presidency, Trump played Hitler. Remember, I told you, people act here? He placed the entire country in the Nazi Era by acting like Hitler. And Kante West is his bessssst friend:



That is why they keep saying she is blonde.

Tump has murdered people. He is a terrorist.


“Just fuck her she is going to kill herself anyway”

At 2 something a.m. in the morning, something had sex with me. He literally put his hands on my ass, and pumped his dick inside of me, and made me feel high all over my body. I got out of bed, stood up and dragged myself to the bathroom. My heart, I grabbed my heart and it felt like I was dying and he said well I’m not going anywhere as they made me think this being was lying on his back, in bed, with his feet crossed and elbows up. The bathroom.

Then, some kind of being, a compilation of two people, Desiree Fontaine/Cynthia Torres, undressed, showed her tits and said to this being, “They new what you liked so they had me come here for you. Its all gold here. Don’t kill me, I will give you a third of her money. She is going to kill herself anyway.” Then he fucked her.

All morning, something has been toying with me, some kind of bad spirit. Whoever fucked me lastnight, his spirit said, I new it was you leave her alone, and she said well do you see how easy it is to mess with her? as they joked, right near the door of the apartment I am in. He is probably fucking her right now, idk, but they are stuck for trying to steal someone elses money.

Here she is, the weather girl:

The weather girl

And Cynthia Torres looks very similar to her. It is both or one of them, or both joined together.

I would never chose a “King” who can’t seem to keep his dick in his pants. And this one, told me (cythia), that I need to purchase a nightgown a few years ago in the same place. These women are bedwhores, and I have never once invited any of you or this in my life.

So, I was just asked by a balding gray haired man if I ever thought they needed my help? I guess he is fucking them too and accusing me of being a whore?

I thought this guy was some kind if God but he is just a dead greek smart ass enjoying the clown show upstairs.

You are greek, and a pawn like all of the others in the system here, so you must be a relative of Aicha or Margarita? Do you want a grape?

I mean here. Ladies:

In that tiny kingdom in the clouds
But, you both have nice BIG TITS AND WELL, HE IS A TIT MAN

Next Step is here:

He caught a fish

And, some people have caught me and put my soul in a locket around their neck (Margarita), by the assistance, of a tall Arabian witch demon man

Next, because I am past the “angry black woman stage” I am going to see alot of this:

It is meant to intimidate me, and “catch me”. Yep, its police cars and firetrucks for now on until I get some kind of ticket or arrest.

Next, is a firetruck. It is an unusual amount. I just saw 5 police cars, one ambulance. But at any given time when I go for a walk, they program me to see them and startled, hear sirens. They want me to be afraid of them, thats why they arrested me and banged my head against the table before I suffered a concussion. I am sorry, but you worked for a terrorist, and you aren’t qualified to act like Jesus.

Earlier this morning, I was shown my son and daughter and family being assaulted. That is another important part here, they need for you to tell someone, that you see and hear ghosts so that the cops can come out. And, it can be your salvation.

I did not mean to write salvation. This is a system, and it is very difficult to get salvation when you have like, 5 demons on you.

Hey, I was born in America, and my name is not Anne Frank.

The Next Stage

You will notice out in public on tv, that a soap opera is playing, like General Hospital or One Life To Live or Dr. Phil. Or you happen to turn the tv on, go walk away and do something, while it is on.

This process happens over and over again. I was told it is a broken record, like the Dali exhibited movement, except, it should be a broken record for the dog, not the human being. And, I am not Ana Maria, or apart of the process.

This process, is a system in your head, projected out to you, that you will see and experience EVERYDAY . Because you have morals.

Because you care about other people, they are dogs, and, you should not care for demons like you do. If you care, you are one of them.

It is also because other people want to control your life from the outside because they are better than you, can live your life better than you, deserve your life than you, and these people just don’t give a fuck about humanity. They think they have a one up on you, they walk around with thier heads in a cloud that feeds them all kinds of false complimented like, you are smooth, you are highly intelligent, pretentious shit, you can steal and you will not get caught, catch me if you can mother fucker.


Well, they are watching you fuck, stealing your money, watching you in nudity, putting drugs in your food and putting your spirit in animals.

For your freedom.


The reason why you see General Hospital and One life to live and Dr Phil is because, life from this point on is in FLASHES, EPISODES AND EVERY INTERACTION DOESNT LAST LONG AND MIMICS EACH MOMENT IN SUCH A SHORT TIME. THE SAME STORY, DIFFERENT DAY WITH STRANGERS. TRAPPED.

But what is most important here, is that your family on the surface, is not your family beneath the face. It’s like you are on television. And while you are interacting with your new family here, and mention the past, hunny, complains and says we are talking business.

And you hear a stupid retarded bitch scream in the background, you are never getting out! And you say to yourself, that retarded bitch named Beck Hernandez, Becky Bonilla Maria Hernandez, deserves an ass whoppin and you say to yourself, oh, I need to get out and find this bitch. But then you think, I am blessed again, and I am gonna calm down.

Becky, is using your face, supposedly fucked your man too, and he thinks Becky is you, and she thinks she is controlling your life, and really needs an ass whoppin, but thats besides the point, okay, no it isnt.

I was called to write this Becky. Becky, how are your legs?

Pretty soon, I am going to share a story about you. I was called to do so.


I was going to write something really important here. We must be on commercial break. Oh! I am going to die soon, because my family and this process gets recycled. AND I NEVER AGREED TO THIS NOR SIGNED UP FOR IT. AND NO, I AM NOT A FUCKING TOURIST. FUCK YOU.


3 hotels are sold out nearby.

You stumble upon fucked up discoveries and learn it is another paid off policeman or just another “common criminal”

Hacked accounts

Stolen Items

So you can call the receiver and waste more of your time

Here is another one:

That means reader, someone is not only watching me, but copying what I am doing, and just went into my accounts. I just tried booking a reservation at a second hotel chain.

Do you get what I am saying?


They make you slow, like retarded slow. How? They find a retarded person, and put that spirit in you. And all of your interactions, from this point on, is, Danielle, are you okay? Do you need help? You need so help. They treat you like you are incapable of living your life. They usually put a retarded person named Miracle inside me. She is a friends daughter, of the police officer acting like my mother. I met Miracle right after graduating from college, honors. The police officer, set up that meeting as I grocery shopped at Shoprite. See, she just tagged along that day as we look for items She new we were going to run into Miracle, and her mother. (SHE) is the deceiver.

Then, they have an alien dog fuck you. They perform some kind of witchcraft on you. Now, something had sex with me 2 days in a row. I was told this morning, some wonderful news.


Then they kill you and wire you, to clone you.


Love, the next step is love. They tell you to try to love, then, they kill you. Because, everything they are doing to me, is forgivable, and I should listen because it is fake and love is what matters.

Pamela Anderson and Friends

Remember, he likes big tits. Where are they?

So now the Army is here, to fuck with me again. The same people who followed me to Florida. Now, they are tryung to force me to go to the hotel. Everything is forced in this process.

Its munchiiiiieeeee, nicole. You want to know how I know? You have been performing witchcraft on me for so long, that I can tell who it is fucking with me.


I almost forgot, because we are in General Hospital amd One Life to live. Everywhere I go, I am going to talk to actors,over real people. The real people cant hear me. And, it starts with the usual paradigms I spoke about in the past.

Why? What are they doing? They show me my life in different stages in people I meet.

Because I am near Yale, they were nice enough to put young actors in me for their cause and agenda.

So a few things just happen:

She or he, I really dont know anymore, is starting to tell people what to do put in public again. He tells them things about me. Shows them what I look like naked. Its the NAVY AND ACTORS.

Next, they just tried to force me to make a racial joke about a black woman sitting outside of the coffee shop

Next, i left and they said oh, its kim kardashian.

Can you get this fucking thing off of me?

How many years of my life have you wasted for your fucked up mission. You are saving people when you traffic others you sick retarded fuck.

They, the navy equipped for the job, are on the outside, and just said danielle, move your head. I moved my head. And i heard him say you are good to go. As in, have fun and fuck with her life some more. Musical chairs with my life.

They just said, bitch look up. They came here, or found me, by the pictures I posted yesterday.

That is how they find you.

When they follow you, and trap you, noone can see you while they plot ways to arrest, harass, abuse and ultimately, kill you.

They, requested I take a photo of the Amercian Flag, so they can find my exact location outside.

Land of the free.

Another show that you will see out in public places in Guy Fieri. The food Network. It is an insult to you, because, they are suggesting you are a dog and to just make you eat food and sleep. Piss on yourself, sleep outside. You are a dog.

Lastnight, they tried to brai wash me into believe that this:

Was meant to save people. How is that true? You just tried to get me to act like a NAZI, HITLER FOLLOWER, by trying to force me to make a black joke about a stranger at the coffee shop. Why is that?

We always try to wish and hope that people mean well, and are sincere, even when the surface look rough and evil. So I wrestled and thought.

The people who were murdered during the HITLER ERA, the souls, did he try to get them out and save them? Did he catch people? Is that why he did it because that would make alot of people feel better about this.


We know that the President always has a clone but I was not saved. Well, I was saved during his Presidency, while fasting and praising God. But all of those great things aren’t here.

How many Danielles and David are there?

Melania Trump

I saw a vision of Melania, looking into my mind about Drita. I am perceiving here that she and her family are controlling this demon following me around bwcause he did not say a word as I saw Melania walk behind me. She wanted to see Trump and Drita in the Limo.

I went for a walk and decided that no, I don’t think the Trump family meant well because someone has tried to kill me, literally, I have had ny things stolen and I was stalked, bullied, arrested and suffered a concussion from police brutality.

And when I worked for Trump, a white woman was chosen over me. We were roomates in a hotel, we requested a room with a kitchen. I was told to pack my things and go to the Hilton, and when I got there, they told me the room was given to the white roomate instead of myself. Her name was Leah. The room with the kitchen was given to Leah and I was told to go back to the dirty hotel without a kitchen.

That is racism.

There were multiple times when they could have granted me salvation if he were playing Jesus. I was told not to go to work one day, but then I found that this being is an asshole, and doesnt really like me, this being is a wizard.

I was called a slave and a loser multiple times, and I heard a white woman say we gotta get her fired. I quit the job with blue bruises on the bottom of my feet. Something was controlling me, forcing me to work. I would not have accepted the job, except, after I experienced police brutality in South Carolina, my unemploynent ended and I needed to find a job to go back home. I applied for a canvassing job in South Carolina and recieved a phone call the next day to work for Trump passing out flyers for his campaign. They offered to pay for my flight, a rental and hotel stay, ao I took the job without realizing that they were probably the ones responsible for the police brutality.

While I worked for him, I accepted the pay and knocked on doord without really having an opinion about a political party because the way I was thinking at that time was, well, I just experienced police brutality for the first time in my life, I had applied to over 5000 jobs and although I would be knocking on doors for someone I really do not have an opinion about, I have a car to drive, a place to sleep and food to eat.

I just have to knock on doors.

My thinking was, he cannot be so bad since they are taking care of me. I gained what I was without. So how could he be that bad of a person? Or how could his cause be so bad?

I remember on my first day that when I was talking to the campaign manager, that something happened in the room where I was paranormally pushed out of the conversation and I know that they paid me more than what I received and saw, and I was not required to knock on as many doors as this thing told me too. They put me in the NAZI era then.

After I quit and up until now, I see he is mostly the reason why I lost everything in my life on the first place, because my life has not improved.


So, I just came back after a walk and heard:

How did she figure it out, I want her dead. I’ll pay you triple. I can hear them talking in the vortex.

Then they leave shit behind for you to stumble upon, becsuse, they are pranksters and this is funny. It keeps you busy while they plan to kill you.

Its free. Or, there christmas is ruined. Remember, i had a seizure on xmas because.they hired a white piece of shit, sorry excuse for a man, to put a demon in my head. At worl, he told me nit to jump the broom. I died on xmas so for them, its free:

They have left several gifts for me like gum at the atm to tell me my breath stinks. It is terrorism.

Then I say to myself, why even bother with life anymore???

So here is what I am going to do. They want me to go to the store and buy sushi because according to them “I am greedy” I am a dog, so, I should go eat because of it. As I take this second walk today, I had a vision of Rebecca Good shaking Trumps hand and them saying she was hired to fuck with me. Then I jad a vision of Marsella. Apparently, she has a page setup to expose me. What color am I today and I am a demon. If I am these things, once again, it is because I was murdered, and you put a demon inside of me to force me to stay here. Basically, what I am saying is I want to be free to go. I am not alive, and I am tired of this bullshit.

Because, if I am suicidal, who put me here? Would you want to live if you were me? Because, I promise you, I am not living. I am around hate everywhere I go because of other people.

And I am not suicidal. That is what you want me to be because you said make someone run her over.

This isnt me, this is not my life.

And, you already hit me with a car.

And if I am another color, or a demon, its because I am someone else, or an Angel is trying to get me back to life.

How many people have screamed things to me while from outside of their car so far? Since I have been here?


You look stupid. And there driving around me to catch me.

I already told you what I was about.

If you are trying to kill me…

Once recruited, you tell the new guys that they have to rape my kids as part as the process. They are programmed, and in hell, and as a rite of passage, satan says to you, you must do it. He didnt tell you prerecruitment, about this process. Where are they? Hell.

They disconnect you, remove your silver cord, so that God cannot hear you:



And, a few facts:

The neighbor called me a rascal yesterday

This morning, someone ate my pussy out for almost an hour, copying David. I did not see his face.

And I saw myself fucking 3 different guys at the same time and they all said see she wants it even though I am brainwashed with them. And, the whole time, my husband , I hear him crying.

“Oh, don’t feel bad”

They, put a chessboard gane in your head, and today I am the clown.

Make her dance. Danielle, the cops are here to arrest you, says Marco Villafane, as he watches me dance with his brother David Padilla. And long neck Serena from Pagels. That is another stage, make her come amount of her shell after all of the abuse she has suffered, to make her think that she is going to experience police brutality again.

We have to find her, then we will put her away. She will be our retarded dog.

Then, when you are ready to leave, because you are tired of this bullshit, they have you post pictured of yourself like you are fucking stupid because they will try to track ypu down by your photograph like the leeches they are, because, they think they control you.

Im charlize theron

No wait, Im Raphael

Last night, in the hotel room I was in, I was raped in the shower and a few things happened. I was in shock all last night into this morning.

This morning I heard “Bring the noise is back, welcome back” I saw Floyd Mayweather and heard I almost got my team back. This is after being raped more than once.

I was told I am never cetting up top to recieve my blessings from God because they stole me things and are having fun. And everytime a celebrity contacts me in spirort, they use a clone, a clone of my own to act like me so that the celebrity beleived it. And the teal me, theu are raping me to go upstairs and use my blessings.

And if the rape lastnight did not happen, then something made me think see and feel. it.

I quickly wrote this lastnight after arriving at the hotel. I jotted these things down, and would like to explain to ou what all of this means:

In the shower: I saw an indian man who looks like him:

And his nose is wide, and the bridge of his nose to the tip is like this:

Same skin complexion

He has black straight hair that goes down to the top of his shoulders, and either Margarita, Nicole, Meagan Vann, or Robyn. The white girl, is fucking him and ordering him around after the make him retarded. She told him to put me to sleep before I got into the shower.

Someone was standing behind me in the shower, and this man was in front of me and turned and looked back at the man behind me.

They said it was Kanye West.

After they tried to get me to dance naked to treat me like a prostitite and rape me, I noticed then that this man or thing, indian, I dont know what it is that turned back to look at the man behind me, this thing was this and some made me move a certain wsy, then he looked at me to give me and the man behind me a warning look not to move a certain way, but he was talking to someone else, not me. They said it was Kanye West behind me.

The other night, this man, thing, was this Beyonce

with black fingerwaves. It is satan. Or something demonic.

He snapped my wrist and said I am winning his not you. He meant a chance to meet Kim Kardashian. Whatever this thing is, strangled me a few weeks ago.

They kept say that Kim is here to meet her. I AM WINNING THIS. And I was told it was the latin kings, and Raul was ruuning the show. What I heard before I GOT INTO THE SHOWER WAS A HISPANIC WOMAN TALKING SHIT.

I got the impression that there were over 20 vehicles parked around me, and there was a celebrity next to this woman. The male celebrity was talking with this woman, the blonde thing, to figure out how to get into contact with me and she kept screaming things at me that i could clearly hear in the room. She kept calling me a dog, a bitch, I dare you to do this and that. At one point, the celebrity asked her to calm down.

What I wrote her before was just deleted so I will wrote it again.

Everytime, a celebrity comes to meet me or contacts me in spirit to find me, they, do this to me. This blonde woman is not human.

She is about 5 feet tall. Everytime she opened her mouth you could see her toungue and inside of her cheeks. It is blood red, and she is a monster. If I get out, they go home. They eat people, suck blood, or eat raw animals, one of the three. This one is named either nicole, breangela, or just demon witch. She is passing as human, and it may just be munchie who works, for, once again, the navy. She is a headcrawler. She has 3 to 4 different looks.


While feeling myself being penetrated in the shower, the man I saw above me looked like him:

He is about 6’4 tall, darker. I have seen this man before and he is not a celebrity. He has a mustache down to the bottom of his upper lip. He is this color but ashy:

He is this stature
He has this kind of mustache and calls himself morris chestnut

When I arrived at the hotel,a black man was in the lobby and I was told that he is going to play David, and before I got into my room I was told my name was Julia, my grandmother, to imply, that my grandmother is a whore. After raping me, they had a conversation, the one in front of me, and this morris chestnut and one behind me, kanye west, if not him, someone is playing him to cover something up, or it is toodles, but, they said i am the queen, they are going to take my power, and I am never going to see my blessings. It is kanye west or something that looks just like him because he has said give me her power before. Its not human, he asked me to stand in front of the mirror naked.

I did not. He sucks his teeth alot.

There’s more. After I felt penetration I saw ‘morris chestnut’ with other men in white space. I was Sasha Fierce. They asked her who it was. It isnt human, it has brown long wavy hair. The men asked her who she was. She claimed to have had the sex and that it wasnt me. That i wasnt raped. Then she sucked her teeth and flew away to these men.

Afterwards, they said I know who it is, it is Leopold. I dont know anyone named Leopoled, but, he is a Lizard pop

Next: they all huddle around my spirit, because this man, oh, he is a dreammaker. All you have to do croqd around her spirit, and brainwash her and say what you qant and he gived it to you. Because she is now our Golden Egg:

So what they are doing is repeating like a mantra around my mind, curses, for their dreams.

They are not letting you on to see me, and are using an excuse that I am suicidal, because they have their own agenda. They are brainwashing me now. And tbey are using Toodled, and other paranormal beings against me. I have shown you.


So according to DALI, I am in either one of these stages:

I am here? The Metamorphosis of Narcissus
The First Study for the Madonna of Port Lligat

Or am I here? And they are making me think my posts are being cross-referenced with the questioning to Dali, to ask him if this is what he meant. I just saw a man with black hair in white space and he just saw me and asked, “Is she ok?”

I am Morpheus now, and they are going to brainwash me until I die:

They are doing this, to act like me, and act like Jesus, to appear like the grest guy qho is saving lives and granting all these wishes by my suffering, when you are demons. It doesn’t matter beacuase I cant feel the pain. Yes, I can feel the pain but, He is a hero, I mean, becsuse it is my soul, I am the hero, and he is saving lives by entrapping me. Now, how are you Christ when you removed my silver cord, and others silver cord, and move these people, so that it goes unnoticed by God. Because, if you remove a silver cord on your mission, you are doing nefarious things.

I can hear God say I can’t see you. So whoever is here to investigate what I am saying, you really need to listen to me, because that was a factual statement. You made me write God isn’t fooled, I am telling you, they are doing shady things behind his back.

That is why these being fly down and land into your head, because you are on your way to death:

So now, all you are going to hear from this point on, is that I am satan.

They keep usong witchcraft to delete my thoughts. The hero wants to tell you thay he is being forced to do this to me and he wants to die.

When you go out yo public places, as I said before, you see this playing, to remind you to eat like a dog:

Guy Fieri, Food Network

Im at the nail salon. He or a ghost police officer, one of them, just commmunicated with two women behind me. This thing is in disguise but just said i want danielle retarded, and talked with these two pieces of shit on sticks


Next, you stumble upon people from the fbi or police officer wearing shark shirts,hats, masks, to represent that you are a fish and they are sharks here to kill you.

They also hire people who work in correctional facilities to follow you around to stalk you

Then, the try to “make arrests”, arresting people involved in this operation because noone wants to help them because they are trying to take YOUR SALVATION

Watch This:

Whoever it is in hell using me, I just felt them stick a sharp wire through my left ear and I feel tears streaming down my face. Thats why they wanted me to come back here to CT, to wire me. They, whereever I am in hell, just stuck wires in me and changed my face to look like someone else. Now they are going to sell me for someones salvation. Its a business.Whoever it is in hell using me, I just felt them stick a sharp wire through my left ear and I feel tears streaming down my face. Thats why they wanted me to come back here to CT, to wire me. They, whereever I am in hell, just stuck wires in me and changed my face to look like someone else. Now they are going to sell me for someones salvation. Its a business.

Per Dali I am in the slave trade stage. “Slave Market”

I have seen you embrace Margarita this way when they made her retarded. This picture says you both are

one and lost:

I heard this thing say yesterday to wait until he finishes me off, and he asked why I am still thinking and have autonomy. This is what I would like to tell you about myself now. I am changed ans not myself. I can see things flying out of my head into the sky. I can see their faces and now, they are stopping my train off thought to control

my i am not trying to sway you from Jesus.

When I was a child, my real mother use to bring me to community baptist church in bpt, ct. I was frightened by the holy ghost, and what it did to people. I was never in bible study as a child and did not have strong faith in Jesus. I learned later on, something pulled me away from Jesus. As a teenager, Jesus was not on my mind, but I was happy. And I was also BY MYSELF. I was happy and lost and did not know. Noone told me I was alone.

When I went back to church and picked up the bible again, I was attacked at church, criticsized by my father for my lack of knowledge of the bible, and people began to pop up and challenge me for stupid things. They had to prove they were better than me at everything. They did this to appear better than me, to compete for the “crown”. If I have to compete with a person to be happy for a blessing of peace then I do not want Jesus as my God. But, I truly do not believe that the God they compete for, is Jesus.

I discovered his followers im the dimension are bitter, confused, overly reproachful to the point of hypocrisy, and I found that if he blesses them, whoever is blessing them, is a God, it is notJesus. I figured out that alot of christians and pastors confuse Jesus for Satan. They play Jesus by announcing outloud, “By the power of Jesus” after insulting another person. How can you bless another person by the poqer od Jesus, when you just insilted another over a serious, disturbing topic. I found when I was in spirit, the power could be either good or bad, depending upon what energy you embrace with your actions and tongue. But, that energy is not Jesus. I also suffered stress, unhappiness, loss, and much more. I am not saying I do not believe in Jesus. I found that God has made us all Jesus. What I am saying is that it is not for me anymore. I do not agree with the fact that in this dimension, he has alot of hypocrites at his side and he has given power to people who should not have it because they are mean spirited. I will leave this with you, if you follow a pastor, make sure that you listen to the ones in-spirit, because the others are abusing their power over you.

This is the last of the process when you lose the opportunity for salvation.

I am here

I don’t exist

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