Mexican Man Description-rapist

This man is disguising himself as a white cop. Could be Todd or Toodles with Aaron from the FBI controlling him, He is very thin, pale, mexican, short, and threatening. I watched a show about slavery and he was made that i remebered my son mentioned Aunt Jemima as a slave reference. They made me believe he left and attacked my son out of jealousy and madness so I can be their slave. They talk to me threstenj g and say im not myself, that bitch, anymore. You think you can do what you want, etc. Its the same people passing me aroynd to others. I heard my son crying before, but they said use my son because he is my weakness. Yamaira, Aneidy Hernandez, and Marcus GF, Daisy. They said it was Beyonce and she was crazy and not nice like they thought and want to go home because she is possessed. She had me watch a nina simone video and i saw her, and she said nina is a beast and free now. She is playing jesus

He has this complexiom
These eyes, slanted
His nose looks like this
His nose looks like this
His nose looks like this
He has this haircut

He has no facial hair. Thin pink lips

He is acting like a cop but i can hear my daughter being raped in spirit, and a man bragged and told him yeah i got my whole family out with her.

I feel bruised on my face. Whereever i am or whoever is using me punched me more than once

He claimed he is a cop hired to watch me. Watch me for what?

The real police have also bragged and said they used me to solve cases, when the truth is, they forced me to stay here. What does that tell you?

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