Music and Lyrics

So here it is. I was listening to some wonderful music to banish negative spirits and a song about Jesus comes on.

Then, I hear and see Jesus singing the lyrics about himself to me.

He Began to sing You Say, I believe. He was almost shouting the lyrics and I imediately woke up. Then flew upstairs and the people in prison cried out he is really Jesus, he got out.

Then when he gets upstairs I hear and see people laughing up there, saying, now you know its fake down there.

Then his entourage and the enemy swooped in again as usual after he leaves. This is what I am talking about:

One said, Oh, that is the lamb of God. He sounds like a lamb when he sings.

Then another says to put me in prison. And comments about how my chest isn’t perfect for him because he needs perfection.

But this is what bothers me. Jesus told me I am healed from the infection in my mouth for lack of dental work after being refused over 20 times.

After he left, his entourage put the stench of my tooth in my head and said that my hair stinks as a joke.


I felt something huge swoop down from above me and I know what he is and he isnt nice and does not have great intentions.

He did this after Jesus left and I am going to tell you what he is.

He is satan. He has black wings, and about 10 yeard ago before I was attacked he was in my bedroom near my bedside performing dark magic on me before I was atracked. He has a ugly face and looks like a white man but he is an angel, a dark one.

Then I remember I saw Todd around 10 years ago as a lamb. His face resembled a lamb over a human face and I recalled that my life went to shit thereafter. And then I remembered that, he is a head crawler, and when I was in Utah at the bank withdrawing MY MONEY, Todd came into view talking to the banker and that it was free, for him. Not me. I qas back on the street again, thereafter. My energy is being used up and claimed.

Then I remembered that a Lizard can shapeshift and act like Jesus. And if the enemy takes your imagination away, the enemy can make you beleive anything.

But the singing earlier, his face, that was Jesus or some kind of power of Jesus used by someone.

I am not 100% believing it because of what has happened to me, and I am tired of the entourage of negative nancies.

They also said, Danielle works for the government, no I dont.

Yesterday, I learned they killed me and hid my body, and whoever was investigating my murder and theft found out that it was the senate.

And there are people still in prison suffering for the senate? And david is crying down there in prison with my kids and others but I should fully beleive what I saw because of the senate?

I didn’t hear, Danielle I will bring you home. He didn’t say that.

They are using my power and disguise to act like Jesus to get out of hell after imprisoning myself and others. And they are now joking about how a woman beleives she is making love to her husband who is black when he is really a white man and she doesnt beleive it. Zandra.

And the one who swooped down is also acting like my father. Him and an old indian spirit.

I wrote a few days ago how the enemy was trying to force me to repeat the steps of what I did before my spiritual awakening and when I saw Jesus. That is what is going on here. No

His presence is still here. He is making my foot feel weak and tingly, and just forced me to pick my nose.

That is to call me a pig. Okay.

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