They showed me myself, with my face destroyed and they told me that this is what they did to me in the war. I know that they raped me. I qas also threatened if I talked.

I believe it is one of my daughters from another time that was kidnapped.

I remember seeing her with Tish on their way to Hawaii or somewhere, and this little girl was “playing me”.

I also know that Todd and Margarita and others qere involved in raping her to get out and you all are lying and I hear her crying. It is Todd and his friends. Her face is deformed and she is not ok.

She a daughter from another time or my mother or beverly playing her. All I know is that I love her and you abused and tormented her in war and she is not bad.

They told me her face was disfigured because we were bombed. But then, they said it is me and if i talk i die. So this is what i am going to share:

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