And a letter to you.

I think that you love billions of people, but I do not believe, that you love me.

Satan did not turn me against you. Please listen.

You tell me I cannot hear you or understand you, when you know I am without the spirit, to see and perceive you. So please tell me how am I suppose to follow you, and listen?

There are bad spirits in my heart and mind that block me out everytime I reach out to you. And everytime you speak to me, they are the ones recieving the messages. You know this too.

You have told me to leave, and travel elsewhere so that you, can help me. You say leave when I do not have proper transportation. I just came back home, from traveling across the USA by myself, and never have you once helped me completely.

Always on the precipice is what I have been throughout my life with you.

You have showed me portals and discoveries, but you are the one who did not follow through, every single time. You made promises to me, and did not keep them. A covenant was made, you did not keep that either.

And you allowed the enemy to attack my family, my mind, my finances, everything that is apart of me, or about me.

I came to believe that although I knew you before, I am not apart of you now. I truly believe I am from some other God, but not you.

You are the one who does not care about me.

I am not okay with that knowledge, but have grown to accept it.

I know that there is some other God out there, who does care, and I am sorry, because I know you are kind and loving, and I love you.


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