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This site was and is about my experience with the “spiritual awakening” process. I didn’t really have the fun, exciting experience with God giving me a tour of my past because my life was given to a population of people on a chariot to enjoy an experience that was meant for me. The experience is about your past lives, your destiny and who you are. Some people throughout my childhood didn’t want me to know what they did to me in the past because they did terrible acts on me. I found that the spiritual warriors who are apart of the process were brainwashed, threatened or killed, so that they can provide a path to salvation for demons who were conjured through sacrifice from hell, and other people who were okay with it, and my family was harmed so that a road to salvation could be provided to the enemy.

I learned that those others, wound up in hell. I became possessed by witchcraft because those others were trapped and sought ways to make my life a living hell, so they worshipped the enemy to control me. They were the ones who wrote disgusting mean things about people on this site. It is fake, but that was their motive.

The enemy came to me telling me to eat, showing me lies and had his army come to my bed to sex me. The enemy robbed me of my experience, along with his followers who are or were “Christian” but are still in denial. The Word says to respect Christians, but I refuse to respect a person who knowingly talks to demons, and gives the demons what they want out of fear, because you are afraid that you will feel pain for standing up for yourself. Those people, black, white, Hispanic, nice, mean–those people, are the antichrist.

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