The Monster with White Eyes

(A Cherokee Prophecy)

Long ago, even before the time of the Christ, a Cherokee prophecy foretold the plight of the Native American peoples and the world we now live in. However, our ancient story is in sharp contrast to those of western religious traditions: it is a prediction of the possibility of peace and harmony, here and now. For centuries, this story has been handed down through the inner circle of the Medicine People. The time has come to share it.

This is what my Grandmother told me:

My grandmother told me, and her grandmother told it before her, that long ago, long even before the Europeans discovered Turtle Island and Her People, the elders warned us of The Monster with the White Eyes.

Those Who Speak to the Spirits told us that the Monster with the White Eyes would come from across the great Eastern water. Its power would be evil and terrifying, and it would create a destruction so thorough that the spirits of the animals, and even the trees, would begin to die. The Mother Earth Herself would be devastated, and Her heartbeat would become very faint. This Monster would devour the children of Turtle Island tribe by tribe, and none would escape.

Most of those who survived would be like the dead, their spirits lost to them, and they would exist without connection to the memories of their ancestors. Few would remain to keep the Truth alive.

One day things would get so bad that the Mother Earth would begin to sing the Death Song. When this happens, they said, some of the children of the peoples who followed the White-Eyed Monster to our lands will realize that they face annihilation at the hands of their fathers, and they will be forced to look into their hearts. When they do this, many will find that the Spirits of the children of our Tribes have been reborn there and have been waiting to guide them.

Then, they told us, those few who were the keepers of the Truth would emerge. Together we will become strong enough to overcome the power of the Monster and restore the Mother Earth to health, and the children of the Tribes of Turtle Island will lead the way back to a sane way of life. After this, all of the races will live as one Tribe in peace and harmony. The spirits of the animals and the trees will return when they will know that they are safe once again. The Monster with the White Eyes will be no more.

This is what my grandmother told me, and now I have told it to you.

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