Leaving The Church, Christian attacks

I would like to write my personal opinion along with experiences about the church.

Recently, I have come across articles and youtube videos about how black women have left the church to pursue witchcraft, and how black people have simply just left the church.

I have talked about my time in church before. Many years ago I would visit a local church to receive the Word and pray among my fellow christians. After receiving my spirit back, and the Holy Spirit, I would get emotional. It is a light, happy feeling you get when receiving the spirit.

Like the time I was sitting, listening to a sermon and began to cry, grateful that my sins would be washed away. And when I looked up I saw a row of people turned my away, putting on an act to cry. A show was made of myself crying as a mockery or a joke.

The a few weeks thereafter, the pastor began to praise the police, and the police were on the stage talking about their work as officers.

And then, I attended church with my mother and sibling, listening to a sermon and I was spiritually attacked. I saw what looked like a screen block me out and I knew that my mother and sibling could not hear me when I was talking to them.

I joined bible study in that congregation later, and was asked by a group of black women who ran some of the classes offered, “Why are you here?”

There were several times I was attacked in the church. Once I was praying and a man turned around, looked me in the eye, turned up his nose and would not stop staring at me<–this one was my first bad experience in church.

God told me to speak from the Heart mid writing this. I am so tired of people telling me they are sorry after years of attacking me, and you.

I came upon a video on Youtube about about black women turned from church and I felt disgust and scorn in the spirit:

The disgust and scorn I felt, I was made to believe was from Jesus, but then I saw the same “Jesus” in a different light. This being is or was a horsemen.

After years of pain and suffering I know what I was praising in the past was not right, but I want you to know who is not for Jesus.

I was kicked out of the church and life for praising Jesus.

But I would like to further emphasize and talked to you about who is doing this to you because your leadership is not what you think.

They have made followers of Jesus, spiritual warriors, attacked us, made us lesser of a person and I know who they are.

So I am going to continue writing this and will publish the last draft soon.


A few nights ago, while sleeping, I saw what was like a balloon over my head with all kinds of things inside of it. I saw someone remove a piece of flesh, a fish, a black bug, there were things I have never seen before, and was made to believe that the devil put these things in my head.

The devil.

I mean, the people, the local people here call Jesus.

Before I became lost, a “homeless wreck” or a person with a mental disorder” or a person who “had a mental breakdown” and was further attacked in the hospital by people, seven years ago, who are still stalking me to this day, and are walking around in the neighborhood where I live with there friend satan, I would like to explain to you

They are attacking Christians-the Elves and Black shadow people

You drinking that funny juice.

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