Part of what I want to share is

Santa has elves.

But some of the elves I have seen have worked against me and are working with the enemy. One of them just attached itself in me and called me a false prophet.

I saw one of them talking to the man with the black hair who works for the enemy and is a black shadow that works for “the order” and “dark lords”

She was reprimanding him. But he isn’t working for the good, changes the way he looks, brags about the wrongs he has committed. He is a “police officer” in human life.

Santa has elves but there are a few that got it really wrong.

They are trying to change me here in fairy land.

This is how I know what I am saying is true.

When God spoke to me and I had my spiritual awakening, I was going to eat at Subway and he told me not to go in. I looked in the window at Subway and say two of these fairy elf people in Subway.

They are not God’s friend. Jesus is not Santa Claus.

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