Any Kind Of Step

Every time I create a project, venture, take a step, I have a group of spirits and people that come my way to “Take over” my thoughts, ideas, words, creation. These are entities known as “Dark Lords”, who have murdered people in real life in the past, and feel they have to “give blessings” to people continuously to stay out of darkness. The Dark Lords, rob innocent Christians of their light and possessions, only to give it to others to be look upon as “Jesus”. They have used all kinds of paranormal things on me to hurt me, for creating great positive projects. And then, I found that they are in circles with “famous people”.

They have a problem with me taking my life back, but do not really understand or care that their friends, their “Holy” friends are murderers you mistake for Jesus.

You can call me a false prophet here, but I know who the real false prophets are.

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