Attacks-Reptiles & Demons Guard The Kingdom

When you get close to God you will undergo several attacks

Someone has been trying to hack in my email

Someone by the name of Todd is using his demon to force sex on me, i know it is him because I saw him, and he is a Reptilian who works for the power conpany I use to work for. And they have ties to celebrities and are the ones spreading fake rumors about me. For example, they are telling people here that I hate hispanics. I am satan. They tried to get me to act like Gloria Estefan and walk into her hotel for a hostile takeover. They showed me Jennifer Lopez naked, so they are spying on her. I also saw them at the airport. Before you say, well, they are trying to get you to play the game to get out but acting loke someone else. No. You do have to act like other people. But you are suppose to have some kind of help. Not oppression,theft, loss, hatred or evil.

You don’t deserve it.

Something has been making my muscles clench and whatever is in my face keeps cursing that I am ugly

It has been placed in my head and it keeps attacking me. There are several people controlling it and they clain to not stop because they took my life and I don’t deserve to be happy.

These people work for the enemy and control you too. The best way to see if you have them on you is by doing this A Gift

If you move without thinking you have one ir more of them on you.

It is a reptilian animal but they also use demons. There are a few reptilian animals who I have met in real person that I am about to expose if they do not leave me alone because I keep seeing a few of them who I use to work with at the power company. They are walking serpents, believe in oppressing people by monarchy, and all they care about is money and sex. There job duty is to decieve, rape women and men to keep them in the 3rd dimension. They look very beautiful in the disguise they present to you.

Another one. This one is supposedly a police officer, and a head crawler. A head crawler is a being that crawls into your head to kill your mind. This woman is hispanic and her last name is Dejesus. This woman followed me to Las Vegas. She is cock eyed, around 5’2″ and a motor mouth. If you are beautiful, and have a handsome husband watch out because she will break all codes to sleep with your husband, steal your things because desparity needs a medal in 21 Jumpstreet. Watch out for her!

Does that sound familiar? Wasn’t satan the most beautiful, competitive angel? Didn’t Satan say I am better, and did he not round up a team? 

Anytime you have the holy spirit in you, they rape you to take your power and put the enemy in you. That is  why God tells you to leave because the Holy Spirit to them is like dog food they can sniff from a mile away.

Any type of Holy discoveries you have in there eyes is a chance to get out because they are damned.

In this post, (Little Reptile) towards the end when I said inside joke, I was addressing someone upstairs who joked and said, well Danielle, you wanted to see reptiles, because I think that Salamanders are cute pets to have. I saw a reptilian animal in my hotel room. They were joking that I got what I asked for.

God really does have a sense of humor.


I Am Blessed

The Next Chapter: Integrity & Merit

Before I write anything else, I would like to address a few celebrities who have a problem with me. Not only am I being spied on and harassed on a daily basis, but you hired people to steal my college writings and books that I WROTE during my spiritual awakening.

You wanted to hear what I was thinking and did not like what you heard.

The books I wrote are to feed people with knowledge to advance them spiritually. When I say them, I mean all people. And although you belittle and strive to embarass me, I do not create content to exploit the black race.

So, now I am going to publicly repeat it.

Anytime I am out in public and your song plays on the loud speaker, I get sick to my stomach. I see black women with tight shorts on bend down low and twerk to emulate the disgrace the you feed them on television. And the people who are backing you, have thrown me under the bus to view your beautiful face to befriend you. They are lost and guilty of Idolatry.

Your monster is downstairs in the lobby of the hotel I am staying at. He goes by the name of Michael, and has his niece Tasha doing his dirty work. He also threatens me and follows me around for you. He practices cursing people with demons too. He just cursed me and said I can’t read or write: All for you! Your monster tried to force me to watch a movie you are in, and cleared his throat in the hotel lobby as if to say I need to listen and acknowlege him, when your monstrous demon is the dog. He always has a starstuck glazed look on his face when he sees you and is definately willing to step on people to watch you.

You aren’t saving people, you are harming them. And if you go to Africa and supply free things to people, all the while pushing out music to make black women appear sleazy under your spell, you are a hypocrite and a false prophet.

The seeds you plant are destructive.

Whomever supports you is a hypocrite and false prophet.

I am tired of seeing you. I am tired of hearing you laugh. I am tired of hearing you giggle. I am tired of seeing you scrunch your face up because you have a problem with me. I am also tired of hearing that I am messing up your money by telling people here the truth about the illusion they are living in. That goes for you and your friends who are all apart of your “Kingdom, Queen”.

After acknowledging that you work for the enemy when I was out in Vegas, when you hired theives to steal the “Holy Grail” out of my luggage, I figured out that you were going to try to claim my work. I overhead you all claim that you are better than me, and on a different caliber.

Since you called my writings the Holy Grail, I will name it that. My followers will be able to gain access to these writings by clicking the link on this page called “Holy Grail”.

I never thought to globally degrade women, and the black culture you care so much about.

Because you all keep harassing me to have sex and make more kids because it “feels good”, I am going to post here what I intended to give my followers for free and I will edit as I go along because you and your heathens harass me everyday so that I cannot finish writing the book to save lives.


What I have written is the text that was left out of the bible. In the bible you read the basic teachings. For instance, God will say meditate. What they left out is how. What to meditate about. They reworded a riddle to give you just a little bit of information to keep you at threshold.

The lost teachings have been discovered in the pyramids and caves for many years and have purposely been left out. It is knowledge taken from you to keep you in the 3rd dimension.

Spiritcandee tells you how.

It was meant to be free. I planned to publish and give it away for free before it was stolen.

I am posting the 1st draft. I have not made any edits because I only meant to write in spirit as it was originally written. After reading a few pages you will see that the tone and voice is uplifting. The tone is Jesus.

Hi Everyone!

All day I have been in a very low vibration. It started last night when I planned to continue writing what I found. I had a demon warn me not to eat and to leave. He had a dog red face, I saw fire. He wore a black long cape. I ate a salmon dinner from TGI’S.

Then after watching The Little Mermaid I passed out. I do not remember how I passed out but what I can tell you is that there are two men,and a red headed woman who I would consider to be terrorists, behind it.

Okay, maybe I am taking it too far, right? They work for the enemy, and are forcing themselves on me and others.

Allow me to explain.

I revisited the Historic Landmark yesterday. On the ride back to the hotel where I am staying, I saw a bald arabian man in my vision along with another arabian who I believe is retarded. Why do I call him retarded?

His demon was attached to my third eye. When that happens, I can read his point of you. 

I recorded footage yesterday, and picked up my phone to watch the video I recorded. In his perspective, this retarded arabian imagined that he put a knife to my forehead, he kept calling me ugly etc. I got the impression that he is kind of like one of those men in Afganishtan that beats on his wife, and throws acid on the faces of women. That is the “vibe”  I received yesterday in a lower vibration.

Then I heard the 3 of them say we are going to lose, she almost got in. And, they claim to have worked for the president.

Lastnight, whoever the retarded one is, placed some heavy curses on me. They are the ones raping women in this place I talked about yesterday in my post. In another post, I talked about how I heard a man crying. That “man” crying is apart of their “crew”.

The retarded one is really a white alien man who looks arabian, said I am his wife and watch me make her do what I want. On the bed in my hotel room,I passed out after placing a call to the concierge.

Before passing out, I heard him tell another woman shut up bitch and take off your clothes.


When I mention lower vibration, it means that my subconscious and head space is in the wrong place. Think of a white cloud merging with a black cloud of evil.

The beings or demon alien people I speak of are in another dimension where a civilization exists, playing God and brainwashing people.

I keep going in and out of frequencies, because they do not approve of what I am telling you. All day yesterday they were telling me to solve what Jesus was trying to tell me so that they can get into the dimension where Jesus is, to cause a war.

And all lastnight, they harassed me in my room. My response was I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, what you gave me is nothing, all you did was take from me, and I will never listen to Satan.

WIP: Trapped Soul

This post will change until completion.

If we talk about the time Jesus was alive, then there is Julius Caesar. If there is Julius Caesar, there is the Gaul army. If there were Gaelic people imvolved, there were druids, circles, the fae, and magic.

And of course, if there is Brutus, there is Judas.

The two most important words above are Jesus and magic.

In this post Orion, I stressed the importance of finding the pyramids on the night of and day after the constellation is formed.

The ancients say this is a sign for a way out, an entrance into the pyramids or another dimension.

Depiction of Orion

I recently traveled to Brickell, Miami. I discovered Orion on the street. I would not have discovered it, had I not sought out God from the beginning.

Orion has changed over the past centuries from Poseidon, to Osiris, to a warrior with an arrow aimed.

Greek History: Son of Poseidon. As I captured photos on the night of my discovery, a boat named Poseidon sailed beneath me.

Underneath the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were found: Mummies, treasure, historical texts left out of biblical writings, and a portal to another dimension. They call this place an entrance into the Hall of Amenti. Your name is in the Akashic records there to view. You are considered VIP, a child of light, if you break the Matrix and wind up here (Israel).

Egyptian History

I stumbled upon this area after taking a walk. I had a long day of travel on and off the metrorail.

The first image that caught my eye were the huge stone faces.

It reminded me of the stone structure I saw in visions when my eyes and chakras were opened after spiritual work through meditation. During my spiritul awakening, I saw images by the guidance of God.

In my vision the face was made of stone, but the size of the heads on the IconBrickell building

What made me venture forth was the fact that I saw souls inside this structure from my vision. I do not know where this talking face exists, but it is in another dimension and it traps souls. I saw Egyptians inside moving like zombies under a spell, and I saw my soul and my spiritual husband with me as we escaped this place. God was with us, guiding us out of captivity in spirit. He told us what to do and what not to do and it was the three of us in a cave.

And the talking face looks very much like the faces you see below. So, I headed towards the building to research what I saw. I did not have answers to who did this to these people and why. But I knew that the Gods work through people, and that whoever built this structure, had a God in him, advising him on how to design this structure and area.

The name of this building is IconBrickell.

I recorded a partial video (as much as I could) along with pictures for you to follow my discovery inside and outside of this area.

I stepped inside of the hotel on the right side of this building. The statue of this head caught my attention:

The entire time I wondered who trapped these people  by the use of magic. Who was it? Who is this? Julius Caesar or Adonis? It looks much like Julius Caesar. Why is Julius Caesar a focal point in the hall here?

At that moment I had a feeling in me that spoke Julius Caesar tookover, brainwashed people, concealed what he did and made everyone “happy” to make them forget.

If you have not read my posts before, I can percieve auras, history and paranormal discoveries as a gift from God. Yes, the enemy always tries to attack me, but this moment is a calling from God.

I took another photo after I asked if there were anymore pieces of art or statues. I was told there were two other buildings:

I headed for the other buildings and discovered the following:

Condo lobby behind the face of the building

I asked the concierge who the faces belong to? What do they mean?

He could not give me a name. He said, “I’m not sure if you see it, but every face watches you. It’s the way the faces are positioned, they watch people come and go.”

From my understanding, the faces are depictions of demons-hence the red light. All photos were taken in both lobbies behind the face of the front building. There had to be about 50 plus “demon” heads guarding the lobby.

Going back to what God showed me in spirit, I figured that they were demons who trapped the people I saw inside of the huge stone facial structure. Ok, so they are demons, I thought. But, why did the designer position the faces this way, why so many faces and what message is he trying to convey? What is he telling us here? Who is working within him, delivering this message?

Is he saying…I conquered the demons? I conquered the faces of people who were dead? I saved them, I saved the dead and rised? Know the dead, their heads are faced the other way? Is he saying, demons are guarding the place? They are my demons? What is the message here? Who put it in his mind to build this structure by design?

Which God advised him too do so?

God told Noah to build an ark.

Souls are trapped and I see Julius Caesar and demons. Could the condominium and hotel be a housing unit for dead souls, acting as a cemetary? I ask this question because mummies were found beneath the pyramids, and by the way the land is positioned, souls would be housed in a nearby area.


Before I write further, I would like you to know that we are in several dimensions. What you do here in the 3rd dimension, you are doing on a broader scale elsewhere, in a higher dimension, in a place that looks almost identical to where you are right now, except the concept of what you are doing, is expanded there. The color is richer, the land is brighter. Here, in 3D, you only capture a hint of reality.

That knowledge poses a problem because if souls are trapped inside the structure, and I am inside a structure almost identical to what I saw, both buildings are connected in some way, and it means that I am very close to finding that structure, or maybe I am standing there, inside the ancient building. The souls need their freedom.

I hear these souls cry sometimes and I see what is done to them. They are under hypnosis by ancient egyptians and when you view them the color they are in is not of this world, it almost looks fake. But they are all working under a spell and their movements look like a slow fast-forward by VCR. This is very important to our people and I write this out of concern from the knowledge I received with a past spiritual awakening God gave me.

I captured more photos in the lobby:

The staff could not tell me who these people are. I said I would just do the research myself.

Take a look at this photo:

This woman removed a mask, she holds it in her hand.

Do you know what this means? This woman, from my understanding had satan, a demon or ghost on her face, and played other people (appeared as someone else). She played the game, she walked around looking as a different person to hide from people and the enemy. The bible says we can use the enemy if we get him in our grasp. If the enemy is bothering you it is time to bother him back. There was another section in the condo that had a chess board game setup.

Who does this look like?

This looks very much like the portrait of the God we call Jesus. I took this photo by the elevator. You can find the above canvas on the left entrance of the building.

I found a Black Panther coffee shop inside of the building. The Black Panther is a beast.

In one of the lobbies sits an old historical book on astronomy. The book is rested wide open on the front desk inside the lobby.

The picture below proves that when a new star forms, the Gods come looking for us-specically, our God. This book proves that it is all science here-and that the spritiual awakening is the scientif method, and that God reads our findings and results of our assignment. Look below, Hipparchus runs a survey when a new star forms. We are stars, and they  notice you if you break the Matrix. God finds you. It is like an alarm that rings in Heaven.

The first few pages show the Titan God, Atlas, holding up the World.

What follows after are pictures of our Moon in quadrants, pictures of Gods, Horoscopes and beasts.

I took photos of the book, but it was taken with other footage. I will try to locate the author and post the information here.

I stepped outside of the building and headed to the courtyard because space and placement is important when in proximity of the building.

Now remember from information provided by this post Don’t act like them, that the enemy is used to ward you off. The enemy is used to make you flee, run away, because the enemy likes to coverup and hide Gods treasure. Anytime you are confronted with or step into a place that is filthy, smelly, trashy, moldy or warped, it is satan.

On the right of IconBrickell is a Historical Monument that is used as a urinal station for pets.

It smells like a barn, and I would have turned away and left if I were not in a place of importance. I was in a place that meant something to history, there are ties linked that we need to unravel here.

In the above video I show you what lies behind the Orion depiction.

As I faced this statue, I stood in

Below is a druid circle.

This is what the Holy Place looks like for the Gaelic, Celtic and Scottish. Ritual magic would be performed to travel back and forth in time, and to protect the firmament from the fairy realm and other dimensions being like the Tuatha De’ Danaan. They would make it a habit of praying around this circle on certain days of the year, such as: Halloween to ensure the safety of their communities.

To the left of IconBrickell, you will see a small depiction of the Roman Empire inside of the Mary Brickell Village. Mary Brickell might be The Virgin Mary from another time.

The Mary Brickell sign:

There sits a church to the left of Mary:

Take a look at this statue of Mary Brickell. To search for Jesus by using your wizardry nature, you seek symbols and signs:

The first name says Druid

According to, you will find Classical Mythology all around the Brickell neighborhood, think of it as a peace offering between Europe and America.

During this second visit back to IconBrickell, I came upon these signs that led me to where I needed to be, like a trail of secrets:

Infinity eight: Cycle of death and rebirth. If you do not break the matrix and get out, you reincarnate and come back here to 3D per this book and Hindu teachings. 3D is for assignments only.

The following photos are additionals I captured while in Brickell, Fl.

You will find these around the neighborhood

A Message

I will post throughout the day as I record and update photographic images in this post : WIP: Trapped Soul

I will also question what I see, what I know, along with history. History is fixed in a way to give us just enough to figure out the real truth.

I challenge history and the lies we know in text.

The spiritual awakening is the scientific method.

During my spiritual awakening, I felt tremendous love by Jesus. Jesus, gives you joy, peace and happiness in the mind and heart. Jesus, does not make you feel loss, pain, or confusion while leading you to your physical salvation.

Satan has fooled alot of people who have followed him.

What I know is what I was shown during my awakening when God opened my eyes, chakras, and showed me the real truth.

If you are a wizard, druid, gifted by God with truth, but also a well travelled person who has been to Egypt and other places in Africa, please respond if you know where the structure is that I am going to post. Why? There are souls that may have been mummified and trapped, they have been raped and tortured and I have heard them cry and I have seen them mindless and tormented.

The souls might belong to holy ones, tribes or figures from the Bible that we have read about.

There is a process with mummification where the soul lingers and lives outside the body. Whoever did this, performed Egyptian Magic on the souls belonging to God and gave real life people new souls belonging to the enemy.

I have seen my soul and others in this stone like structure and need to know where it is.

Remember when I talked about lost souls here: Ego

This place is where your soul is.

All the souls here are under a spell.

“The Underground Railroad”

No child left behind should be apart of the “Underground Railroad”, and if it isn’t, then it isn’t the Underground Railroad.

What I have discovered is that the enemy has removed God from people to make them aliens to change them.

Has hired your random whores and street thieves to steal from people, and magicians and wizards to make people see illusions.

They showed ne a young version of my daughter as a monkey. I hear satan on a boat giving orders and feel people in fear.

The enemy has mocked the spiritual awakening process, and has mimicked what the real experience is about.

This is real:

But this is what they are: Pirating thieves

They also have brownosing hypocrites apart of their mission. Their job duty is to nose their way all the way up your ass until they can count how many ass hairs are on your skin, and then tell you where you need to shave. Whatever you discover they steal to protect their “Jesus” and their “Kingdom” so that they can get fucked for the evening. Most of these brownnosers are gay feminine men. These morons stick their bare asses out with a smile as if to say I did a good deed, now reward me. Iknow what I am talking about, because I saw it. They turn their heads back to say, I am ready to receive you father.

One of these morons stole my phone because “I thought I was getting in, but I’m not” so, he had to steal my phone to kick me out. He said father, I didnt want her to expose you, I am protecting you.

He is also acting like Kanye West and is a monster. This one stole my laptop and said oh you are walking away from your legacy.

His name could be Omar, I don’t know but apparently he did a good job because he’s hired. This thing acts charming but is the enemy. He has a soft voice but sounds like smeagal in lord of the rings. I was at the airport and he made a show of teleporting to a pole next to me to hug it. He leaned his head to the side to appear charming. He said please don’t write your book. Then I learned he dies after it is finished, but the enemy is controlling its nature. Then I saw this thing get evil in a split second. And guess what? It is being told what to do by the enemy. He told me he wanted to be with me to be happy again.

It could be a person who was changed to an alien. His name was Omar if it is him.

But this time (cell phone loss) it was propably the balphomet tranny I saw in the lobby at the hotel who said he was told to get this girl off the property. Referring to me.

I should be on a flight right now. Do you think I am stupid to travel without my contacts alone on an island somewhere?


So, what they stole this time is a picture I captured of either an angel or Julius Caesar. They also took (this is what they are protecting) footage I captured in Brickell to show you a portal.

So instead of getting on my flight today, I’m going to go alllll the way back and recapture what I found about Jesus because they trapped souls in this stone buildinglike tomb by the use of Egyptian Magic, and I think Julius Caesar had something to do with it and THAT is what they have covered up.

Mahatma Gandhi

Soft Grasp

Conquer The Globe

Jesus played the game.

Helen Keller

Time Traveler

I briefly touch on this in Numbers. Anytime you wind up at a place, and find numbers that mean something to you, that instance or experience was meant to be.

It is a big deal to be at that place, wherever you are because it holds meaning to you in your journey, spiritual life and future.

It means that either you or someone special visited your life in the future to make sure that you arrived at this place.

It was meant for me to be here. Who is this? Krishna’s wife?

I have to ask these questions to advance.

And so do you.

A Little Bit More About My Life Here In Hell

I have heard people say this out in public before. That is the only reason why I am posting this.

“They said she is the Madonna”

A few people literally just whispered that in the aisle next to me.

I am not the Madonna.

THAT is a lie. Moron, whomever you are spreading rumors about me, just stop.

If you land on my page, I am not the Madonna, I am more than that.

So now, I can start posting about more serious topics.


How Could I Forget The Water Fountain?

I Played My Greatest Version

I stayed here last night at the Hyatt Regency in Coral Gables. I paid $200 to play my greatest version. I felt peace, disturbance and fright.

The extra money I spent here was worth the peace outside of everything else.


I saw a woman in my face today, and I feel disappointment in my heart. She has the same hair color and cut as me, except we do not look alike. Her cheekbones are big on her red face.

I asked her if she enjoyed my facial.

I heard her ask a man in my hotel room what she should do because I figured out that they are taking turns spending my money on the other side.

He told her to treat me like I am retarded, tell her what to wear. Then, I had something supernatural tell me to wear a different skirt, then she paused, then she said put this makeup on.

To get a rise out of her, I said you are a thief, Hispanics are known to steal, to carry knives to cut people. I told her I should have known.

I waited.

This woman is working with Balphomet to steal from me.

She said I’m sorry Danielle, I took your apartment. You won and I took your apartment. Danielle I am a police officer, we are all police and we did this to you.

Before I saw this woman, I was laying in the bed, meditating. The bed began to move as if there were a man in the room mushing the other side of the bed up and down.

I took my earphones off and looked to my left. Frightened. I was frightened because I didn’t know or see who it was.

Then I felt someone go into my face and made me feel happiness, like I knew who it was near me and that I was happy to have it close. Whatever it was just brainwashed me.

I took a shower, but it began to tell me what to do until I saw the 30 something hispanic woman in thr mirror after I got out the shower.

Why am I dissappointed?

I meditated, I forgave, I did all that I could and I heard God tell me not to eat, but to fast.

Then I felt something grab my toe, and push the bed. Afterwards, I saw a person with the same hair color, haircut. I was going to get a facial yesterday because I had stayed outside for two days without a shower. I had grime on my face and needed a deep cleaning.

(That is partly why I stayed outside overnight. Something supernatural thinks it can treat me like a mindless whore)

This woman clearly had a facial yesterday because her red face indicated it. But she was not directly in front of me, she is in another dimension somewhere watching, following, and acting like me.

I am tired of ghosts within me acting like God. And I am wondering here, what is next because the enemy and is willful followers literally follow me to steal and ruin my plans to “get ahead”.

I felt something pinch my private area a few days ago, and saw who it was.

That happened here

A white man who is a witch in spirit. He is another one stealing from me. God just told me that he is a dog.

I noticed that when I go to the hood, they leave me alone.

A few days ago, I heard him and his friends crying. They confessed to someone that they slept with me and I seduce them and that was the reason why. No. You are just a terrible person is what I wanted to shout but couldn’t.

I may be in spirit but I can still hear real life conversations people have.

A few days ago I heard them say that they wanted to takeover my website next. My main concern here, are the attacks I have undergone within the past week.

The demon (seals) in my head caused me to pass out at least 9 times, mostly when I try to meditate to get rid of them:

I was going to write an article last week about a celebrity and something evil stated no, I am. You are not…almost as if to say you aren’t black enough to have that spotlight. I have alot of bitter souls that hang out around me.

I do not ask God what did I do to deserve this. Why? It is Satan.

Right now I do not have the hope that I did this morning. I do have alot of posts to make up.

What I am going to do is stop listening to whatever is trying to steer me down the wrong path.

I am sitting in a chair outside at a local restaurant. I overhear a patron say that he was stopped at a stoplight and the car next to him pressed the gas and sped away. I wanted to say the same thing happened to me, because it did. He has a demon in his head showing him fake things. Perhaps I will go tell him that its either the cops or gangster aliens making you dumb to trap you.

He is very loud, outspoken. In a party of three, he has dominated the conversation.

He is too free, too radical, too liberated with his opinions.

Now he is talking about conviction, the senate and presidency.


So, I just told him what it was showing him an illusion. He looked suprised, and said he will start meditating to get it off of him.

You Know Why I’m Better Than You?

I don’t have to cheat you out of your life to be happy.

Sunrise, Brickell Florida

Brickell, Florida is my favorite neighborhood to visit, the second is the Keys. I like how it seems as if I am in a miniature New York Metropolis. Brickell is consumed with tall silver buildings, friendly courtyards, a suspended metromover (train), with bays and docks on the outer edges. What I recently noticed, which I did not before, is that in some areas there is an overload of dogs being walked, some spots smell like a farm. The streets need a constant wash or cleaning because it does not rain much here.

The best spots are located near Miami Ave, which you can find in the area closest to the Tri-Lift.

Les Brown

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